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Denver Health Update

Denver dropping mask or proof of vaccine requirement: Omicron has ‘run out of fuel’

The development comes as residents in the capital of Colorado have reached a 78% vaccination rate, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock announced Monday, adding that "this virus is something we are going to have to manage and learn to live with." 

"So beginning Friday, people will no longer be required under the public health order to wear masks or show proof of vaccination for entry into a business in Denver." 

Organizations in the Denver area also may decide to keep the mask or proof of vaccine requirements in place after the public health order expires and are "well within their rights to do so," Hancock said. 

In additionally to schools and childcare facilities, masks will remain required on public transportation and at Denver International Airport.

At Aunt Lucy's Dog Training we will meet your comfort level on masking when we come to your home. Please feel free to express your preference, and we will gladly accommodate your request!

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Randy Arnold


Aunt Lucy's Dog Training

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