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About Randy

 I want to help you learn to communicate with your dog.

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I'm an Air Force veteran and have always loved teaching people. One day a friend of mine said, "You love to teach, and you love dogs. When are you going to put it together?" I finally did. I've been training dogs for 5+ years. I've found my passion!!

My qualifications and training time include over 10,000 hours of classroom instruction experience, 100+ group classes for families, training 45+ rescue dogs in my home helping them get adopted​ , and helping  20+ dog trainers earn their certifications.

I've also studied Karen Pryor and Jean Donaldson. Their theories of behavior modification and rescue dog training have had a huge influence over my style and technique. 

I work with all types of dog behaviors and ailments. From working with dogs in basic obedience training, destructive and aggressive behaviors, and dogs that are disabled; deaf, blind, and/or missing a limb.

Randy Arnold, aunt lucys dog training

Lucy's Story

Lucy was found on the streets of Houston, TX in 2018. She was only 6 months old. She was transported to Colorado by the “2 Blondes All Breed Rescue” (2BABR) group and taken care of until I adopted her in 2020. She was difficult to place because she has a high prey drive, is timid around new people (especially men), and is timid (jumpy with noises and fast motions). All of which made adopting her into a family very difficult!

The great volunteers at the “2 Blondes All Breed Rescue” never gave up on her! Then I met her one day at an adoption event, and I fell in Love with my little Lucy. One simple interaction was all it took. I believe we both knew that she had found her “furever home!”

Now, she is living her “best life!” Support your local rescue agencies. Every dog deserves a good life... just like the one Lucy has found!”

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