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Pet Sitting


Meet Shaina!

I work full time as an inside sales rep for an environmental equipment manufacturer in North Denver. Growing up, there was always a dog in my family's home. My love for animals stretched into college when I took in a cat at my first apartment. Unfortunately, my cat is not a dog-person, so I insisted my friends let me watch their pets while they're away.  My professional dog-sitting career started when Lucy trusted me to stay with her while Randy went on vacation.  This trust has already led to a handful of doggies who rely on my care while their moms and dads go out of town. A consistent care for them, and a peace of mind for their parents. My other hobbies include: hiking, mountain biking, wine, and food!

Book a Call WIth Shaina to Talk About Your Pet Sitting Needs

In-home dog sitting. $89/day for up to 2 pets, additional fees for more.
Easy booking over the phone. Initial meet-and-greets available.

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